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Electric Equipment Services , Air Conditioning Services
Design and Construction

General electrical work

High-voltage power receiving and transforming equipment work

Construction of high-voltage facilities for receiving and transforming electrical equipment, such as power receiving equipment and transformers, and switching from high-voltage power receiving to low-voltage power receiving.
Power equipment construction

We propose the best way for our customers to install electrical equipment, such as low-voltage power installation for factories, warehouses, and stores, power breaker expansion work, and power application, etc.
Lighting work

We provide lighting installation and design for buildings, condominiums, and residences. We can respond to a variety of requests.
Outlet construction

We design and construct large buildings such as factories, buildings, medical and welfare facilities, as well as air conditioning for offices and general houses, according to their applications and needs.

Air conditioning equipment construction

Air conditioning equipment construction

We offer air conditioning systems that meet the needs of our customers, from installation and relocation of air conditioning systems for homes and tenants to maintenance and cleaning.

Telecommunications work

LAN construction

Support all wiring and settings for phone, LAN, etc.
Light electrical equipment construction

We can handle a variety of construction projects including new installation, replacement, repair, and removal. We will propose solutions to meet your needs, such as installation of stylish design antennas.
Disaster prevention / Security equipment

We also do security camera work and other security equipment work. Are you protected? If you are worried about privacy, trade secrets, or information leaks. We also conduct wiretap surveys.

Disaster prevention equipment construction

Firefighting equipment

These are important facilities that protect the safety of people's lives by preventing fires, detecting them early, and guiding evacuation.
Based on the technical standards specified by each government ordinance and the Fire Service Law, we provide a total service from investigation of various facilities, meeting with the fire department, design, construction, and periodic inspection after construction.

Other construction

Drone survey

We use drones to take aerial photos and construction sites, including places where people cannot easily go.



【 Head Office 】
23-3 Asahigaoka Kawachinagano Osaka Japan

【 Mozu Branch Office 】
3-48-33 Umemachi Mozu Kitaku Sakai Osaka Japan    

Business Hours
Monday - Friday : 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM